Some jeans fit your shapes and help you become more eco-minded (Levi’s), some make you feel a bold superhero (Diesel), but no denim pants have ever cared of your skin before. But things change. To protect the legs’ skin from the sometimes dehydrating effect of the denim, Wrangler has developed a line of moisturizing skinny-fit jeans. Styles from the new Spa Denim line are infused with special high-performance skincare ingredients, which help to keep skin of the legs beautiful.

The article was written by Emily Stubbins, Executive Brand Strategy Director at Hyperquake, USA

In a recent conversation among colleagues – sparked, in part, by the release of the new “Avengers” movie – an interesting subject came up: If you had to choose the ultimate business super power, what would it be? Big budgets, global reach, an innovation pipeline full to bursting, a PR machine capable of generating positive press 24/7?  Without hesitation, I answered “agility.”