Audi Has Held Innovative iPad-Controlled Mini Test-Drive in Canada

Although the event took place in September last year, Audi Canada and Toronto-based advertising agency Zulu Alpha Kilo have just revealed the results of their collaboration on an impressive experiential campaign for Audi quattro. The goal was to hold a test-drive to let the customers and fans experience how fast, responsive and smart the model was, but in an unusual digitally savvy way. 

Photo:Audi quattro digitally enabled test-drive in Canada

A custom designed 140 sq. ft. interactive installation was set to let the event participants drive a 1:32 scale Audi A4 quattro® slot car controlled by an iPad app integrating live in-car high definition camera feed, enabled to share the video materials on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and digital voltage modulator to manage vehicle acceleration.

To add to this campaign some emotional live touch, the brand also shot a behind-the-scenes mini film about the Audi A4 experience captured through the eyes of track maker David Beattie of Slot Mods USA. In this documentary, entitled “Painting Coconuts” and directed by Tamir Moscovici (Urban Outlaw) of Industry Films, David tells his personal story, shares the passion for the art of custom track design and the sport of slot car racing. It also delves into the process and challenges his team faced to execute this innovative memorable project.

Watch the Audi quattro Experience and the “Painting Coconuts” short version below: