Starbucks is tackling the problem of trash from disposable cups with a new offering, a $1 reusable tumbler, which is available across the USA and Canada starting today, January 4. Owners of the new tumbler, which visually resembles the iconic Starbucks paper cup with the brand’s green logo, will have a discount each time they refill it. According to USA Today, the environmentally friendly tumbler “pays for itself after 10 uses.

Starbucks is always among the first to tap into the Christmas frenzy. Annually, the coffee and tea brand introduces its holiday items with the bright and creative design, along with holiday activities, giveaways and apps. This year, the brand is keeping up to the tradition and launches its Starbucks Rekindle page, “Holiday Village,” in the USA, which offers tons of gifts to the local consumers.

Starbucks wants to make coffee available everywhere, at any spot and any time a consumer wants it. Following the launch of home coffee-making machines in spring 2012, the brand is about to introduce its vending machines in the UK to enable passers-by to buy their favourite coffee right in the street, while walking to work, being in the office or filling up a car at the gas station.

After testing its Refreshers energy beverages line across the USA, Starbucks Coffee Company finally takes the new product made from green coffee extract (sourced from unroasted 100% arabica beans) and real fruit juice to the international market. From now on, the Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime flavors of Handcrafted Refreshers beverages will be available to consumers in the US and Canada as well as other 15 countries across the globe. Other formats of the new re-energizing drink— lightly carbonated RTD and VIA instant beverages—have also been launched by Starbucks, but their availability depends on the market.

High-quality coffee and great music always sync. Knowing that, Starbucks creates special-edition music albums to celebrate seasons or occasions, ranging from Charismas and Thanksgiving Day to Chinese New Year or, just like it’s now, summer and Latin culture. The new compilation of songs by modern Latin artists, Café con Musica, is created by Nacional Record and celebrates the new wave in modern Latin music and introduces new names, including Colombian fusion act Aterciopelados, hip hop artist Ana Tijoux and electronic DJs Nortec Collective, to Starbucks fans in the USA.