Top 7 organic sugar alternatives with their unique philosophy

Sugar is the worst food addiction. Many bloggers, nutritionists, fitness trainers are promoting the rejection of it in favor of a healthy diet. But alas, all is in vain. Eternal breakdowns, desserts for dinner or joint breakfasts in the company — it all comes down to emotionally maintaining the mood with the help of dessert. Quite a stressful situation for those who plan to reduce the amount of «white poison» consumed. And it is also impossible to completely abandon sucrose. So what do you do?

We have selected the most useful eco-alternatives that will even benefit the body when consumed. Organic sugar is versatile, it can be used as an additive in tea or coffee, as well as in baked goods or any other dishes.

Best Stevia: SWEET LEAF Sweetleaf Organic Stevia Sweetener

The stevia sweetener is obtained from the plant of the same name, which has been used all over the world since ancient times. Stevia naturally tastes as sweet as processed white sugar — but it’s actually 100 to 300 times sweeter without any calories. Stevia can be used like regular sugar.

If you are looking to replace your daily sucrose intake with something beneficial with minimal impact on blood sugar, then check out this low calorie sweetener from Sweetleaf Organics. USDA non-GMO paleo bags come with no bitterness, no aftertaste, and an all-natural composition. Each bag is equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar, so Sweetleaf recommends starting with half the bag and adjusting to taste.

Like sugar, stevia is incredibly versatile. It goes well with hot or cold drinks and cereals, as well as baked goods.

The company also focuses on the modern content flow and uploads stevia recipes to all social networks.

In terms of collaborations and co-marketing, Sweetleaf Organics is sold not only in retail stores and on Amazon, but is also offered as a sweetener in multi-flavored syrups at STARBUCKS.

Best Monk Fruit: Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

If you’re looking for a low-calorie zero-carb sugar alternative, Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweetener is a great choice. It is made from concentrated powder of small green melon, which is 100 to 250 times sweeter than regular sugar and is usually blended with inulin or erythritol — a sugar alcohol — to reduce the intensity of the sweet taste.

Lakanto is suitable for items that include low carb, low sugar, vegan, candida, keto and paleo menus. A one pound bag is great if you like to bake; however, the brand also offers convenient packages that you can take with you on the road.

The brand is actively looking for product ambassadors — new, modern bloggers and athletes. You can leave a request on their website.

In addition to the competent management of social networks, Lakanto also organizes online events for its subscriber clients: yoga, working out the eating disorder and simply finding oneself in the world of “sweet temptations”.

Best Erythritol: Swerve The Ultimate Sugar Replacement

If you prefer a less sweet, zero calorie sweetener, an erythritol product such as Swerve’s Granular Sugar Replacement may be the way to go. Sugar alcohol is only 60-80 percent sweeter than sugar and, unlike other sugar alcohols, contains no calories.

Swerve’s non-GMO plant-based alternative sugar can be used as a — 1: 1 replacement for your regular white sugar, even in baking and preparing regular meals. It is also gluten free, suitable for keto and kosher meals. For bakers looking to sweeten their treats without the calories, carbs, or bitter aftertaste, Swerve also makes confectionery sugar and brown substitutes. Plus, erythritol may have some health benefits. Research shows that erythritol does not affect blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of dental caries.

The main difference between Swerve and all other brands is that their line consists mostly of ready-made mixtures of certain products: a muffin, donuts, pancakes, and so on. We wrote about the DIY product trend in our previous review. Simply put, they keep up with the times, making life easier for potential buyers.

Swerve also made a very convenient function on their website: search for suppliers or stores where their goods are presented. One has only to drive the desired address into the search bar.

On its Instagram profile, the company often makes giveaways for its products, which often raises reach and increases the number of buyers. The conditions are quite simple: make a repost in Stories or post a post on yourself by marking a profile.

Best Coconut Sugar: Nutiva Organic Unrefined Granulated Coconut Sugar

If you like the texture and light caramel flavor of brown sugar but are looking for a healthier alternative, Nutiva Organic Coconut Sugar is a great choice. Coconut sugar is natural, derived from the juice of coconut trees, and contains beneficial nutrients such as minerals and antioxidants, as well as inulin fiber, which helps slow the absorption of sugar. Coconut substitute is less processed than white sugar, but contains a comparable amount of calories — 18 calories per teaspoon.

Coconut sugar, approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Nutiva Project, contains small amounts of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. It also has a lower glycemic index than sugar, so it does not cause a significant jump in insulin in the blood. It is a simple sugar substitute and can be used as an individual substitute for cane and brown sugar.

The brand is very active in supporting the poor and caring for the environment. Various promotions are underway: Over the course of 6 years, Common Vision and Nutiva have partnered to create an orchard in every public school in Richmond, California. This Nutiva School Orchard initiative is a huge citywide achievement, bringing fresh, healthy, school-grown fruit to 28 schools, feeding more than 13,000 students — 79.5% of whom rely on free and discounted meals.

Best Honey: Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16+

Not all sugar alternatives are the same. With many well-researched health benefits including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, honey is one of the best natural sweeteners on the market.

Manuka honey, a type of honey produced in New Zealand, has higher antibacterial properties than traditional honey due to its active ingredient, methylglyoxal, and its total phenol content. Wedderspoon Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey meets all the requirements of a multi-functional superfood. This project-approved, non-GMO honey is raw and unpasteurized — or unprocessed — to protect the beneficial nutrients.

Wedderspoon independently measures the antibacterial activity of its product using the KFactor, which ensures you are getting the highest quality honey. If you’re not a fan of honey glass jars, Wedderspoon offers a handy organic squeeze bottle and travel sachets to take with you. It is important to note that manuka honey should be used in small amounts, not 1: 1 with sugar.

The company also actively collaborates with organizations that benefit the world. The Bee Grant program allows schools and nonprofits to receive educational support for hives so students can observe bees up close and learn about the vital role these pollinators play in our food system. To date, the Bee Cause project is a broader program, providing 330 beehives, beekeeping manuals, and programmatic support to schools and organizations in all 50 states and 4 countries. Since each hive provides habitat for approximately 40-60,000 honeybees, the program also helps directly maintain the pollinator population.

Best Maple Syrup: Coombs Family Farms Organic Maple Syrup

A family favorite for waffle and pancake fillings, maple syrup is a fantastic alternative to sugar. Certified Organic Maple Syrup from Coombs’ Family Farms offers a reliable, sweet addition to your favorite recipes with a great maple flavor. Syrup is not a low-calorie option as 1/4 cup contains 200 calories. However, it does contain some beneficial nutrients. One 1/4 cup serving contains 8 percent of your daily value for calcium.

American-made pure maple syrup used to be produced in different grades like A and B — an intricate system that determined color, not quality — but now all maple syrups are «Grade A» with different classifications of color and flavor. The dark color and persistent taste are comparable to the “dark amber” variety.

Choosing Coombs’ maple syrup is a sweet addition to your life and a beneficial effect on the planet. Coombs supports sustainable forestry and protects the interests of smallholders.

Doing right by the forest is part of an alliance of nearly 16,000 US sugar producers who conserve maple forests and protect lands from urban sprawl. Coombs’ helps conserve critical habitats for individual plants and animals that require large, untouched tracts of forest to survive. And while sustainable farming is part of history, the company is also focused on developing maple farming in the future, increasing efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and doing whatever it takes to keep small family farms — and the economies of the small towns that depend on them — thriving.

Best Molasses: Wholesome Blackstrap Molasses

Studies show that molasses contains the highest amounts of antioxidants among sweeteners, including maple syrup and honey. This dark, bitter substance remains after all the sugar has been extracted from the raw cane. Strong taste can «bind» the receptors of the tongue, so it is better to use the bittersweet sticky liquid in small quantities.

Wholesome Sweetener organic molasses bring natural caramel color and flavor to your favorite foods, including gingerbread, bran muffins, marinades and barbecue sauces. With 60 calories and 14 grams of carbs per tablespoon serving, Wholesome’s Grade-A molasses is not low-calorie or low-carb; however, it contains 10% of the daily value for calcium and 20% of the body’s daily value for iron. For this reason, molasses is the best sweetener for vegans.

The company places great emphasis on loyalty to its employees and periodically tells the story of each family working on the plantation. All videos are collected with meaning and address social issues. High quality content that drives buyers’ social bonds.

And they also pay attention to a decrease in the number of bee populations, which they often promote on their pages on social networks and videos.

The food market has long been heading towards organic and healthy nutrition. Consumers rely on conscious consumption and accountability in their actions. Also, the history of your brand and worldwide assistance to various organizations will make potential buyers loyal to your brand.

Create your own company philosophy. So, if, in addition to a healthy product, you observe environmentally friendly production and easily recyclable packaging, then you can deservedly take all the shelves from buyers at home.