Toyota Yaris Hybrid made the streets of Prague sing in “The Musical City” campaign

Toyota is rolling out a new campaign across Europe to promote Toyota Yaris Hybrid, its eco car for urban jungles. The campaign developed by Saatchi & Saatchi is dubbed “The Musical City” and revolves around the notion that driving the new Yaris Hybrid makes drivers so excited that they can’t drive without singing.

As part of the effort, the centre of Prague (which is in its turn almost in the centre of Europe) was turned into a playlist—the street names were replaced with song titles. The Yaris hybrid stereo system was powered with GPS for a touch of magic—each time the car went to a new street, a new song started to play, according to the new “music” name of the street.

The drivers could modify the playlist in their car by changing the route: the songs ranged from “Uptown Girl,” “Locked out of Heaven,” “Heart of Glass” and many more. A selection of best performers were featured in the TV ad that launched in Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Spain on July 30.

“Saatchi & Saatchi’s challenge was to bring to life the positive emotions felt when driving a Yaris Hybrid. And what is more natural when you feel good in a car, than to sing! The result speaks for itself. Pure emotion. Pure happiness and highly contagious; I must confess I can’t help but sing when I watch it,” commented Stéphane Rydlewski, Campaign Development for Toyota Motor Europe.