With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, various campaigns are starting to appear as brands begin leveraging this annual celebration of love to gain traction with their customers. Most recently notable is a Valentine’s break themed campaign from LastMinute.com, which employs a cheeky, ‘carry on’ style approach to engaging with audiences entirely through the power of visuals.

Heart Research UK has offered an alternative way to discard unwanted and disturbing memories about the past relationships. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the organization launched an unconventional auction, #InstaHeartAuction, where people could trade the stuff their “exes” gave them in the times of romance.

Following in the footsteps of alcohol brands like Hendrick’s Gin, Jack Daniel’s and Luksusowa, the non-FMCG brand San Antonio Tourism has released its men’s guide dedicated to the romance code of a true gentleman. San Antonio, Texas (also known as the City of Yellow Roses) is considered one of the top 10 romantic places in the U.S., and with just two weeks left before V-Day, the city set to promote itself proactively among the men who are in charge of selecting the right destination for the Valentine’s weekend.

After taking a deep breath after the Christmas frenzy, we’re to get ready to another big holiday as St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To add more fun to the process of choosing the right gift for the loved ones, Tiffany & Co. has launched a dedicated Facebook app, “Love, Tiffany,” that features a range of jewelry pieces along with a heartwarming animation and wise words.