Heineken’s mysterious boxes motivate men to proudly show their sensitive side on Valentine’s Day

Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy have launched a social experiment, #DateInABox, designed to motivate men to be less reserved and shy when it comes to expressing their romantic feelings. The beer brand is now helping drive men to a love confession using a special box with a big secret inside.

U.S. users are encouraged to tweet @Heineken_US, asking the brand to mail them a secret box, glittery and red, that contains a pre-arranged adventurous mystery date that relates to what a man might like. The ideas for the date include jujitsu lesson for two, a class in improvisation or couples’ tattoos experience, and more, valued $70-$512.

But the box from Heineken is not just another parcel. To open it,  a guy will be asked to share the picture of the box and thus make his emotional love confession on Instagram, so that every friend of him could see it. Once the task is completed, the next morning the brave loving heart will receive the code to unlock the box and enjoy the experience the next night. “We’ll send him the code that morning. He’ll whisk you away that night. So if you’re up for it, see if he’s up for it,” says the brand.

The boxes are available through February 14 for the U.S. residents aged 21+.

In 2012, the brand melted the hearts of its fans with personalized serenades in 20 languages.