Adidas BOOST Takes Running to the Next Level

Adidas is set to revolutionize running with the new shoe Energy Boost featuring the BOOST cushioning technology, which gives a runner the highest energy return than any other shoe, the brand claims in the statement. The product belongs to adidas Energy Running line and aims to become the real turning point for the history of running.

Photo: adidas Energy Boost, (click to enlarge)

The innovation used in the new comfortable and breathable shoe is the revolutionary soft cushioning material, which has been developed by adidas partner, the world’s leading chemical company BASF. The material provides unique performance thanks to “solid granular material (TPU), [which] is literally blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules which make up the footwear’s distinctive midsole,” writes the brand. The unique cell structure allows the shoe to absorb, store and return energy more efficiently than any other running shoe. The tests proved that the new material is also extremely durable and is three times more resistant to high and low temperatures than traditional EVA material (tests were conducted at +40 to -20 degrees Celsius).

Photo: adidas Energy Boost, (click to enlarge)

adidas helps make athletes better. With our new Boost foam, we are addressing a fundamental insight: everyone wants more energy. Whether you’re running a marathon, training for an upcoming season or just trying to get back in shape, our revolutionary Boost cushioning foam provides the highest energy return in any running products. Energy Boost will reset the running industry and pave the way for all future performance footwear,” commented Eric Liedtke, Head of Sport Performance, in the press note.

The innovative shoe from adidas launches on February 27, 2013 at select stores across the globe and at the brand’s official online store. Energy Boost is definitely taking on Nike’s running range and recently introduced PUMA Mobium Elite shoe, which also features groundbreaking technology.