Amnesty International asks people of the same gender to “kiss against homophobia” for a digital collage

Amnesty International Hungary has launched a provocative campaign aimed to take on negative attitudes towards LGBT community across the globe. The new effort dubbed “Kiss Against Homophobia” is rolling out through October 11, the International Coming Out Day.

Pic.: A snapshot from the site

The idea of the digital effort is quite simple—anyone can submit their side profile picture with puckered lips. The side automatically pairs photos of same-sex users, creating controversial collages to celebrate all facets of love.

The team behind the project plans to collect 365 kisses, so that there’ll be a tolerant picture for each day of the year. “A kiss between two people is the most intimate form of contact that perfectly symbolizes their commitment to one another,” says the site, adding that “love is a fundamental human right regardless of gender.”

Back in 2011, Benetton launched a ground-shaking campaign, “Unhate,” featuring faux-documentary stills that depictied opposite political and religion leaders, kissing each other.