Beauty and attractiveness for many years: a specialized vitamin and mineral complex for women

There is the information in this article about 8 specialized nutritional supplements for women, which have confirmed their benefits for maintaining beauty and health. Approached the issue objectively, regardless of the advertising noise. Now you know which brands can be safely incorporated into our daily lives.

There are many more external factors affecting women’s health today than there were a hundred years ago. Therefore, regardless of heredity, the women should pay more attention to ensure that the body receives a sufficient amount of useful substances, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of all systems of a complex female body, on which a beautiful appearance depends.

The vitamins necessary to maintain the beauty, youth and health of a woman are contained in products. It is believed that with a balanced diet, you can naturally replenish the daily minimum of nutrients. But since the need for vitamins in women varies depending on age and hormonal levels, and the nutrient content in vegetables and fruits, which were the main supplier of nutrients to the body, has been constantly decreasing over the past 30-40 years, it is possible to compensate for the deficiency of the latter through specialized vitamin supplements’ complexes.

There are many recommendations on how to choose vitamins for women and how to take them correctly. However, really complete and reliable materials are still scattered on various Internet sites. To make it easier for you to choose, in this review we have collected them in one place. In addition, in our material we will make a separate emphasis on how to take into account the age factor and the changes that occur in the female body at different periods of life.

How to detect vitamins’ deficiencies

How to detect vitamins’ deficiencies

Health issues, if not immediately, then after a short time, are always reflected in the way you look. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. If there are under eyes bags, the skin is too pale, dry or flaky, the hair has become dull or split, and the nails exfoliate, all this can be attributed to obvious signs of hypovitaminosis — vitamin deficiency.

Changes in behavior and well-being can indicate even more about the lack of nutrients: severe fatigue, depression, convulsions, hand tremors, sweating, pressure drops, decreased vision, the appearance of barley and much more unpleasant and so familiar to any woman.

If there is any doubt about what exactly the problem is in the body, you should seek the advice of a doctor, take tests and undergo an examination. But it is important not to ignore the symptoms and make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals as soon as possible. Vitamins for women after 30 are vital, because it is when hormonal and physiological changes start.

Pay attention to your age

Usually, women do not like the topic of age, but it will not be possible to bypass it in this matter. If in youth everyone basically manages with the «vitamin of growth» (Vitamin D), and nature does an excellent job with everything else, after 25-30 years, the need for vitamins for women changes quite a lot.

After 30, vitamin B6 becomes important for the body — it helps to increase stress resistance and bring sleep back to normal, as well as vitamin B3, which has a positive effect on heart function. Particular attention should be paid to vitamin A, which helps maintain good vision, and vitamin D, which strengthens bones and keeps the skin in good condition.

After 40, significant changes are occurring in the body of a woman, affecting, first of all, the endocrine system. Because of this, the process of withering of the skin begins, and the bones become more fragile. Therefore, after 40 years, it is important to ensure that the diet includes a sufficient amount of vitamin D and calcium, as well as vitamins E and A. Retinol (Vitamin A) slows down the aging process, strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation, and is also effective in preventing gynecological diseases. Vitamin E is involved in the creation of collagen, which helps maintain skin elasticity and slow down the formation of wrinkles.

After 50, all of the above nutrients also continue to play an important role, but during this period it is imperative to add vitamin F to the diet, which prevents the appearance of age spots, and vitamin K, which strengthens bones and contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys. As well as all B vitamins to maintain all vital processes in the body, calcium and vitamin D to prevent the early development of osteoporosis.

After 60, you should take care of the intake of vitamin B9 in the diet — it is necessary to normalize the process of hematopoiesis, vitamin B6 — to prevent radiculitis and conjunctivitis, B5 — from arthritis, vitamin C — to prevent oncology and to strengthen immunity, vitamin A — to improve vision and the condition of hair and skin, as well as vitamin E — to prevent blood clots and to prevent the harmful effects of carcinogens.

As you can see, vitamin and mineral requirements vary greatly with age. In addition, in certain periods, women have an additional need for vitamins. For example, in vitamin B9 (folic acid), which is especially necessary during pregnancy, it is involved in cell division, the creation of the placenta, the production of hemoglobin and the correct transfer of genetic data. And in a number of important vitamins and nutrients, both for the course of a normal pregnancy and the intrauterine development of a healthy baby.

During pregnancy, certain specialized vitamin-mineral complexes are advisable, the intake of which during childbearing, not only preserves the health and beauty of a woman, but also ensures the prevention of neonatal pathology, normal mental and physical development of babies.

Objective ranking of beauty supplements

There are a lot of specialized beauty products that your pharmacist, store manager or your nutritionist will advise you on the shelves of pharmacies or in specialty retail. But do not be surprised that you have not heard about some of the brands from the review before.

We have selected and tested seven really interesting products to maintain attractiveness and good-looking appearance from different manufacturers. Different forms, compositions, prices. (If you are a man, read anyway, you will know how useful it is to please your beloved soulmate). The position in the rating is purely conditional, so there is no numbering — in this case it does not matter.

There are a couple more caveats worth mentioning. When we say «the best», we do not in any way claim that it is «the only one». To a large extent, all supplements on the market do their job exactly as advertised by the manufacturer (which we also found). And everyone can be trusted.

Our multifactorial selection was influenced by such indicators that in ordinary life most do not even pay attention. But we did. This is not only the quality of raw materials, but also the manufacturer’s policy in the selection of suppliers, and quality control initiatives in production, and a dozen others. But the most important thing is price-quality.

You can safely look for them in a nearby pharmacy or on marketplaces. And don’t hesitate if they catch your eye.

# Best Beauty Supplement

First of all, mbg’s cellular beauty+ is truly the perfect supplement for healthy aging. The vegan product contains potent doses of premium botanicals and phytochemicals clinically proven to support skin hydration, elasticity, smoothness, barrier function and wrinkle reduction.

Formulated with four science-based cosmeceutical ingredients: phytoceramides to support a healthy skin barrier structure, astaxanthin to maintain a healthy collagen layer, ubiquinol CoQ10 to «cleanse» skin cells (get rid of debris) and rejuvenate, and whole pomegranate fruit extract containing polyphenols , for photoprotection, cellular rejuvenation and increased levels of active CoQ10 (which declines with age) and deliver key antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.

High-quality biologically active substances work together, and the result is truly stunning. Of course, all this affects the price — it is quite high. Even for the enlightened consumer.

# Best supplement on the go

Golde Skin Hydration is an ideal functional product with coconut water powder, pomegranate juice powder, hyaluronic acid derived from amla berry extract with schisandra berry antioxidants.

The ingredients in this list have some very noteworthy skin benefits: coconut water and hyaluronic acid help provide hydration, pomegranate is loaded with polyphenols, and amla (also called Indian gooseberry) promotes collagen production.

The fact that all this is presented in the form of sachets, designed to prepare a portion of a refreshingly cool drink, adds an additional charm to the product.

Skin Hydration saves when you don’t have the desire (or space) to carry around a jar of capsules or tablets. The ideal solution if you are going on a business trip or going to the beach for the whole day.

It would be neglectful not to point out disposable packaging if you’re concerned about sustainability. The price is quite reasonable, but it’s not easy to find.

#Best Personalized Supplement

Some companies allow you to create your own supplements based on your personal preferences. Nurish by Naturemade offers a wide range of beauty products with varying results. Therefore, the personalized supplements of this brand should be treated with due understanding and expectations.

At the manufacturer of «made to order» products, you can choose a truly individual product «for yourself». To do this, you need to specify on the site which ingredients that are useful for beauty should be included in the product. The choice is serious, in the range of components: biotin, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), astaxanthin, coenzyme CoQ10 (ubiquinone) and much more.

However, creating your own product can be confusing, especially if you have a wide range of goals or are unsure of your specific needs. Therefore, if you are already drawn into this routine, accept the responsibility that you are doing this absolutely intentionally.

#Best Value Supplement for Women

Specialized vitamin-mineral complex Skin, Nails & Hair by Sunbox Nature. Made in the USA, this product contains the most important nutrients for the health of skin, nails and hair, providing maximum results: a daily dose of zinc (136% DV), which plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen in bone tissue, vitamin C (133% DV), involved in the formation of collagen and necessary for the renewal of cartilage and the functioning of the joints, as well as for the formation of a bone skeleton, calcium (1250 mg), necessary for the formation of new bone tissue, healthy teeth and muscle functioning, regulating muscle contractility and preventing the formation of blood clots.

In addition, Skin, Nails & Hair contains copper, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which is a source of natural, bioavailable sulfur, a mineral that supports connective tissue and cartilage and joint health, vitamin D3 to promote bone growth and development, which prevents osteoporosis and promotes healthy muscle building, vitamin K2 to help reduce inflammation, firm and supple skin and joints, help direct calcium to the bones, and ensure full absorption of your daily dose of vitamin C and other key nutrients that decline with age.

The Supports Key Vital Functions unique formula helps to comprehensively support women’s health and the beautiful appearance of skin, nails and hair and remain attractive for many years.

Sunbox Nature delighted once again. Or Even three times: the ideal ratio in terms of quality-price-result. Therefore, the place in the ranking is well-deserved. Finding it for sale is relatively easy.

#The best form of the product: chewing sweets

Fun and chewy — what more could we want from chewing gum?

Sports Research Biotin Gummies are gummies with biotin, also known as vitamin B7, which is an essential micronutrient involved in keratin synthesis. Each gummies contains 5,000 mcg of biotin with organic cold-pressed coconut oil and 45 mg of vitamin C, plus a unique powdered blend of six berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, tart cherries, elderberries, and cranberries, to be exact).

USA Biotin Supplements are vegan, non-GMO, and free of soy, gluten, and carrageenan. Biotin Chewables are free from fillers, titanium dioxide, and artificial colors, so you can chew comfortably and glow from head to toe.

The price is quite reasonable, but you have to search or order on Amazon.

#Best collagen in capsules

Best collagen in capsules

Human skin consists of 75% collagen, an important building fiber that forms the connective tissue of internal organs, tendons, musculoskeletal system, and blood vessels. It’s also in hair, nails, and skin. And when we begin to lose it with age, first it begins to affect the appearance. This process is irreversible, but the additional intake of collagen makes it possible to effectively combat age-related changes. GEOX Nutrition brand hydrolyzed marine collagen Type 1 and 3 (BSE free) of high purity Super Collagen Type 1 & 3 by ZEOX Nutrition in easy-to-take capsules was included in the rating for a reason.

First, the purity of ZEOX Nutrition formulas and products reaches 95%, which is by third higher than the standard purity of 70-80% of other brands. Second, the innovative Biocell ROYAL FormTM technology provides high bioavailability due to the low molecular weight of the constituent peptides. Third, the formula contains 18 different amino acids, similar in structure to human ones, which, with prolonged use, stimulate the production of their own collagen. Research data from 2014 showed that 15% of the subjects after taking pure encapsulated collagen reduced the number of wrinkles on the face. Finally, fourth, this product can be safely attributed to the products of the «PRO series», the ZEOX Nutrition reasonably has earned the trust of the USA Pharmaceutical Association and is recommended by pharmacists and doctors.

But that’s not all. Fifth, and this is a nice benefit, the manufacturer’s promotion strategy eliminates the cost of mass media. The brand is promoted exclusively in a professional environment, which allows the company to set a lower retail price for supplements of this level.

ZEOX Nutrition is an expert brand manufacturer. Since 1996, it has been producing nutritional supplements based on modern scientific studies of nature and health with proven results. Own production in Utah is certified by FSSC 22000, the first obtained standard in the USA.

#The best supplement for making a «beauty cocktail»

The best supplement for making a «beauty cocktail»

The Beauty Glow Inner Beauty Essential Nutritional Drink Powder is infused with 18 whole ingredients high in antioxidants, polyphenols and phytonutrients, including pomegranate peel extract, broad spectrum probiotics, postbiotics to feed good bacteria in the gut, quinoa sprouts, flax seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (to name but a few). In general, everything useful for maintaining a healthy microbiome — the secret to radiant skin, healthy intestines and great overall well-being.

We could not miss such a convenient form of nutritional supplement with an impressive composition. There are 150g in a can. We were impressed with the berry-flavored version (the only one found on sale), but we would love to try other options. Not tested on animals, all regalia are available (vegan product, without GMOs, artificial flavors, preservatives and colors, gluten and soy).

You can mix the powder with water and get a healthy drink, or you can add it to smoothies or yogurt, mix it up and get… a healthy drink. Use the way you like. The price is high, but it’s worth it.

#Best Supplement against the Stress

Consistent use of Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager maintains balanced levels of cortisol in the body, allowing for a healthy response to everyday stress.

Female hormones are like a «big ball of yarn». They are self-organized. And you can quickly get a «tangled mess». The thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and insulin react with each other, creating an imbalance of nutrients and hormones in the body. And if everything gets messed up, it can be extremely difficult to put everything back in order.

Adaptogens will help in this — powerful natural components that enhance the body’s strength to combat these imbalances and shortcomings. Cortisol Manager helps support the health of the adrenal glands, which play a big role in regulating stress levels. Ashwagandha, L-theanine, magnolia bark extract and phosphatidylserine are all clinically studied ingredients.

Important Addendum

Please remember, when it comes to choosing which supplements to take on a regular basis, your doctor is the best resource to trust unconditionally. Only he is able to recommend a specific nutritional supplement depending on your individual needs.

Anyone interested in taking vitamins or other supplements should consult a physician before taking and be sure the product chosen does not interact with any medications they are currently taking. And be sure to make sure you follow the dosage instructions on the product label.

Be healthy and stay young and beautiful for many years!

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