Best New Year digital promotions 2021-2022

There are never too many ideas for Christmas ads. Every year, marketers are looking for creative and attractive ideas for a promotion for the Christmas season, while customers are busy with their holiday shopping.

We’ve prepared the top Christmas marketing ploys: promos that shoppers love and participate in over and over again. By using and moderating these ideas, you will increase your sales and attract even more potential customers.

The last couple of years have been full of changes in digital marketing and social media. To stay one step ahead and maintain a significant digital and online presence, many brands have chosen to adapt their marketing strategies to keep up with ever-changing trends.


Play branded mini-games to maximize brand engagement in time for the holidays.

Branded mini-games can help you in a variety of ways: in addition to creating a festive mood for your brand, they are also the most unique way to maximize product engagement and recognition. Everyone loves to see holiday pictures and pictures of Christmas decorations; Meet your customers’ expectations and offer your audience interactive entertainment, ideally with the opportunity to win incentive prizes.

Puzzles and memory games

Puzzle games and memory games are great stimulants to keep your attention. Their interactivity attracts many users as they create a sense of challenge and rivalry, especially when it comes to prizes. This dynamic also leads to repeat engagement as users interact with the promotion multiple times to get the best possible outcome. And that’s why gamification is one of our favorite Christmas advertising ideas. Organize a mini-game and customize it to match your corporate image to build brand awareness and give away prizes to all registered users. Your goal is to attract as many participants as possible. Offer discount codes to all registered users — in addition to maximizing lead generation, you also increase sales.

For example, The Beauty Shop simulated a game with inverted cards: find two identical cards in a row, solve the whole field in this way, and at the end — the participants will receive bonus points.

Spin the wheel

Boost your New Year’s sales with our signature Fortune Prize Wheel.

We all enjoy watching our prospects turn into paying customers during the Christmas season, but sometimes it seems harder to achieve than it actually is. So how can you convert your website visitors into new leads and potential customers into buyers?

December and January are holiday shopping months: your customers spend a lot of money trying to make their loved ones happy. Work on their loyalty by offering them discount codes and coupons for your store. But don’t just offer them. Launch an interactive New Year campaign to distribute them and make sure your new potential customers will remember you for a long time — make them spin the Wheel! This is exactly what the jewelry company Astley Clarke did.

Photo postcards

Creative photography competition is a great Christmas marketing idea

New Year’s photo races always attract a lot of participants as people love to share their Christmas trees, decorations and recipes. Imagine how much engagement you can create with contests, where users can personalize their photos with fun stickers and frames. Imagine how many new customers you will attract if the stickers and frames are branded.

This is a great holiday ad idea for anyone looking to build their brand awareness on social media.

Easy Wine did great

Advent calendar

We all know how nice it is to gradually open new gift boxes to find what was hiding. The same feeling can still be given on your site, and, moreover, you will increase not only the audience, but also the traffic of the site by one person, because they will visit it for 24 days in a row. This also gives rise to an increase in sales per person.

This is a great campaign to launch if you want to organize a more sophisticated New Year marketing campaign, or if you want to retain customers and encourage re-engagement from your online audience.

Samsung made a very cute advent design

Tap the Screen

We all know this game where the bird needs to fly between the pipes without hitting them. The game is quite tricky: one awkward movement and the yellow creature crashes into it, and the game starts over. This cycle of losing and starting the game is very addictive to the target audience, because everyone wants to win. And in this game it is impossible. Thus, you will delay the client for a very long time.

But so that the buyer does not get angry, offer him a coupon or cumulative points for each new distance, which can then be exchanged upon purchase.

Bobbies did just that.

New Year’s holidays can be an excuse to create a huge number of creative advertising ideas integrated into the game, which will increase many parameters of your company: purchasing power, time spent on your site, engaging new audience, an increased number of prospective purchases per person, and as a result — profit.