Brands and Superbowl

On February 2, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will host a 54 Super Bowl final. The Ultimate game of NFL season is considered to be the major advertising platforms. Each year the largest companies redeem advertising slots for 30-60 seconds to reach the audience. Over the past few years, each of the finals attracted more than one hundred million viewers to TVs. It is not surprising that today the purchase of a 30-second video will cost 5 million dollars. A the same time, this price doesn’t stop many buyers. In contrast to ordinary days, when the viewer is trying to escapу as soon as possible during the commercial break, everyone is watching the advertisement during the superball final.

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It worth to mention that 30/60 second clips are not advertising in the usual sense of the word. Companies create their own stories in which the brand doesn’t play a major role. Often the viewer learns about the name of the product only at the very end of the video. Many videos are not afraid to talk about current trends in the United States and tell deeper stories. The Apple corporation was the first one to introduce this concept during the finals in 1984. Ridley Scott directed that famous advert.

Companies are confident that participation in such an event seriously distinguishes the product and provides a certain recognition and a new reputation. Do not forget the financial benefits of such acquisitions. Thus, companies increased their revenue by 4.7% in the following weeks after purchasing advertising on a superball.

There are several categories of products that have long had the status of regular buyers of such advertising. For example, the beer brand Budweiser bought out ads in all 53 finals in a row. Adding costs over all these years, we can find out that the manufacturer spent 440 million on such advertising.

Automobile Giants

Many car companies have been purchasing advertising slots for many years during the Super Bowl Finals. This year the German group of companies Volkswagen will present its advertisement for the 11th time. Interestingly, the global automaker continues to use the same marketing slogan “Vorsprung Durch Technik” (progress through technology). The final of the Super Bowl is still a great opportunity to introduce a new model. Following the trend towards green energy, Porshe will present an advertisement for the new Taycan electric model.

Alcoholic Beverages 

Billions of chicken wings and tens of millions of packages of beer are sold in stores before Sunday’s game. Before the final week, you can see a rise in real sales in such categories as beer, various snacks, and sauces.

This year, AB Inbev, the world’s leading beer producer, bought 4 minutes of air time during the commercial break. This time will be divided between 4 different products. For the first time, two new products (Michelob Ultra and Bud Light Seltzer) will be introduced. Both drinks were designed for a young audience that controls extra calories and looking for a new taste. Ab Inbev responded to the rapid growth of a white claw. We wrote about the incredible popularity of the new low-alcohol drink in a recent article.

Fun Part 

Special mention deserves those companies which are using humor during Superbowl commercial break. Advertising that makes people laugh can create a special connection between the buyer and the product, company, service. This philosophy has been working for several years for a company selling avocados from Mexico (“Avocados from Mexico”). According to the company’s CEO: “There is no way to compete offline with Coca-Cola or Budweiser. However, thanks to digital advertising, it’s possible to speak out loudly. ”


2020 is also the presidential year in the United States. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the new electoral cycle. For the first time since the existence of advertising in the finals of the Super Bowl, two candidates for the presidency bought 60 seconds of broadcast time to appeal to the audience. During the commercial break, Donald Trump (current US President) and Michael Bloomberg (Democratic candidate and well-known multi-billionaire) will fight for the viewer. None of the previous presidential companies broadcast on the whole of the US during the Superbowl final.

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New Opportunities 

One would have thought that the emergence of various streaming services would create many alternatives and reduce the cost of television advertising, as well as reduce the demand itself. However, the viral effect intervened. Today, viewers have many opportunities to share videos with loved ones and friends. Pex decided to explore 28 advertising videos shown at the final of the Super Bowl in 2019. To conduct this research, Pex concentrated on online platforms ( Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc). In the two days preceding the match, the videos were watched 15 million times. On the day of the game, viewing these videos amounted to 30 million, and on Monday exceeded 45 million. Probably the fans were again looking for the most liked videos.

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The additional internet popularity of such videos only convinced corporations of the need to buy advertising time during the main sports celebration in the United States.