Cadbury’s promotional Joy Jackets illuminate as a wearer eats chocolate

The legendary sweet delights brand has collaborated with London-based design firm Hirsch&Mann to create a pair of fun and high tech trench coats, Joy Jackets, that get illuminated as a person wearing them tastes Cadbury + Daim and the Cadbury + Oreo.

The garment, created as part of the brand’s Joyville campaign, uses Raspberry Pi controllers that visualize the joy of eating chocolate. When put on, the coat encourages the wearer to check the pockets, where the person finds a bar of chocolate, which is supposed to be unwrapped and bitten in a few seconds. Once the special sensors detect the traces of chocolate, the imbedded LED lights start to glow and blink in Cadbury’s signature purple on different parts of the illuminating apparel piece.

Photo: Cadbury’s Joy Jacket in action,

The joyful experience is amplified with moving parts of the jackets. The outer layer of its bottom goes up, revealing the whimsical lining with embedded lights, followed by popping up fan-like shoulders and back collar. In the end of the on-body show, there’re fanfare songs played from hidden speakers and a burst of confetti.

A series of experiments have also shown that the Joy Jackets can react to happiness even if it is not triggered by chocolate. Two guys, Alfie and Marcus, tested the apparel piece in a variety of situations—like seeing puppy dogs, dancing, etc.—and the coat reflected their emotions with the purple illuminations and sounds.