Cadillac and Publicis dare to “re-think” Apple’s iconic inspirational narrative as “Dare Greatly” 

During the last night’s Oscars, one of the oldest American car manufacturers Cadillac launched a new campaign «The Daring» that echoed the well-known advertising masterpiece «Think Different» introduced in 1997 by Apple and TWBA\Chiat\Day.

The highly inspirational video, filmed by Publicis, Independent Media director Doug Liman and acclaimed cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, epitomizes new Cadillac’s philosophy centered around pursuing big dreams and not focusing on the brand as such—at all.

Just like Apple’s «Think Different» video that featured footage of 17 iconic personalities of the XXth century, this one-minute commercial for Cadillac (in two versions: «No regret» set to Edit Piaf’s «Non, je ne regret rien» and «Piano») stars five greatest entrepreneurs of our time —film director Richard Linklater, health care advocate Anne Wojcicki, personal computer inventor Steve Wozniak, fashion designer Jason Wu and an African-born hairdresser-turned-entrepreneur Njeri Rionge.

All the videos including behind-the-scene interviews are available at YouTube as well as Cadillac’s website.

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