Chrome Invites to Meet The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the New Chrome Experiment

Google continues to share some magic and fairy-tale spirit with unparalleled online experience. Following the launch of Cirque du Soleil “Movi.Kanti.Revo” project, the tech giant unveils its latest Chrome Experiment, which its tied to the upcoming release of Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful. This project, created in collaboration with Disney and UNIT9, opens a door into the world of the new story, which is inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and enables users from all around the globe to explore a dusty Kansas circus as well as the magic land, which is full of miracles and unexpected twists.

For maximum effect, users are asked to view the site on an up-to-date computer in Chrome (other browsers work too, but the quality is much lower there). By turning on a web-camera and a microphone (the platform uses them with the viewer’s permission), one can get a truly overwhelming interactive experience, which merges the fictional story with the latest digital innovations. On the platform, users are invited to compose their own music, play with a fun photo booth and create their own movie with a zoetrope to name but a few. In the end, viewers also get in the middle of a natural disaster, a tornado, which they have to confront—and after the users survive, they get an access exclusive unreleased clip from the film.

“For ‘Find Your Way to Oz’ the 3D environment was built entirely with new technologies such as WebGL and CSS3. It’s enhanced by rich audio effects thanks to the Web Audio API. The photo booth and zoetrope were built using the getUserMedia feature of WebRTC, which grants webpages access to your computer’s camera and microphone (with your permission),” wrote Christos Apartoglou, Marketing Manager at Google in the blog post. He also mentioned that the online destination can be explored on Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone or iPad—for such devices, they “have a smaller scale yet equally enjoyable experience.”

For more information about the technical side of the project, read a case study on Disney’s website dedicated to the upcoming Oz The Great and Powerful film is a true interactive masterpiece as well—view it here to learn more about the characters.