Evian has caught Spider Man in its coweb for the latest Baby & Me ad

Evian is adding a new advertising video to its Baby & Me famous campaign that celebrates a baby in every adult. The new spot features a well-known fictional character, Spider Man, who meets his baby version in the street and starts performing a wild spider mirror dance, full of superman energy. Along with the ad, the water brand launched a whimsical campaign on its social media channels.

The new spot, The Amazing Baby & me 2 by BETC Paris, follows a super successful 2013’s ad featuring adult pedestrians who see their younger, baby reflection in the shop windows. In the new installment, Spidey shows off his talent to move, fast and smoothly, spin and even moonwalk, and sees his baby self in the window repeat everything he does to an energetic catchy soundtrack from the 2013’s spot. Together they even create a coweb bridge, very similar to the real metal ones.

The new campaign syncs with the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, slated for April and May (depending on the country). On its Facebook page, Evian shares a bunch of visuals related to the Spider Man theme—for instance, it features the Evian water bottle, stating that the liquid inside is “scientifically proven to unleash your inner hero.”

Photo: Spider Man Evian’s promo, www.facebook.com/evian.unitedkingdom