Google Launches the Art, Copy & Code Project to Tweak Advertising with Digital Tools

Google has launched a new project Art, Copy & Code, which aims to infuse advertisement of global brands with the latest digital technology. The new effort comes as a follow-up to the last year’s successful initiative Project Re: Brief that recreated some of the most iconic advertising campaigns of such brands as Volkswagen, Burberry and adidas, with innovative tech tools.

Pic.: A screenshot of the website

For the project, Google is collaborating with the creative teams of the brands and their agencies, as well as some filmmakers, creative directors and technologists to develop entertaining experiences such as digital ads, mobile apps and social-media initiatives, based on the previously launched campaigns.

Pic.: A screenshot of the website

The first product revealed at ArtCopyCode is the app Volkswagen Smileage, a remake of the brand’s 2012 campaign that uses the same motto “It’s not the miles, it’s how you live them”. Volkswagen Smileage has been introduced as “the first social app made to maximize fun on every drive” in any car, not just Volkswagen. The app measures fun— “smileage”—of each trip by analyzing weather, traffic, location, time and social interactions. It invites users to sign in Google+ to share highlights from the ride—for instance, all the photos and videos, taken during the trip by the driver or passengers, get automatically added to the interactive live map of the ride.

Google has also announced “The Talking Shoe,” which will be an experiment in connected objects, and “Filmmaking For The Web” focused on re-imagining canvases. The company will preview the two experiments with demos at SXSW on March 9.