Martell Celebrates Rare Encounters in the New Campaign for L’OR de Jean Martell

The House of Martell is launching a new campaign for L’OR de Jean Martell in a new luxury gift box, the “Dôme”, created by French designer Eric Gizard. The campaign’s tagline “Rare Encounters” mirrors the values and story behind the precious blend of over 400 precious eaux-de-vie, some over a century old.

The magic of rare encounters is revealed in the new 1:20 film, which invites to discover how the L’OR de Jean Martell cognac is created in the moment when vision meets craftsmanship.

In the video, created in the honey-amber palette, a solar eclipse is used as a metaphor to highlight the rareness and unique nature of L’OR de Jean Martell. In the end, the cask is placed before the covered Sun—it symbolizes that the unparallel recipe and character of the drink is similar to the impressive natural phenomenon.

As part of the campaign, dinner parties under the “Rare encounters” theme will be arranged in prestigious venues, and the brand will also host a ceremony to accompany the tasting of L’OR de Jean Martell.

The new leather Dôme by Eric Gizard is inspired by the trends in contemporary Decorative Arts and respectful of the legacy of the past. The design is created in two major colors, brown and gold, perfectly matches the sophistication of the blend. The main idea behind the project was to surround L’OR de Jean Martell with several skins that would gradually lead to the cognac and make a ritual out of serving it.

Photo: L’OR de Jean Martell cask and decanter (click to enlarge)