Google unveils Android Wear, operation system for wearable tech

Google has just released Android Wear, an operation system for wearable devices like smart wristwatches that can provide a wearer with some basic information like weather, answers to simple questions, alerts, and more on the go.

The Android Wear devices, regarded as a source of “information that moves with you, ” will be activated with a light tap on the screen or voice, with minimal physical effort. Google doesn’t share what wearable devices will be produced using its OS yet, but the company reveals major functions of the future tech pieces —learn about them in the video below.

Google says that Android Wear will be displaying info, updates, messages, notifications and suggestions whenever and wherever a person might need them. The wearables will feature a range of apps, including shopping, news and photography ones. These small gadgets will also provide straight answers to spoken questions that start with the “Ok Google” phrase and perform simple tasks such as calling a taxi, sending a text, booking tickets and more. The wearables will also monitor health and fitness activities, send goal reminders, as well as alerts if something goes wrong.

What’s also important is that Android Wear will work as a panel to control other Google devices, right from the wrist or wherever they will be worn. For instance, the devices will allow to start playing music from the phone or also activate casting a movie on TV, to name just a few. Most probably, Google Glass will also be connected with these devices, creating a wearable network.

Google is also launching a professional hub on, dedicated to wearables. There, developers are invited to download a Developer Preview to see how the existing apps that send notifications can be tailored to the specific requirements of watches powered by Android Wear. The company also says that more developer resources and APIs are coming soon.

To build a truly powerful Android Wear system and enhance wearable devices, Google is partnering with international tech powerhouses (Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung), chip makers (Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm) as well as fashion labels (Fossil Group). The first product, the smartwatch powered by Google, will arrive later this year—the general idea of the new piece is captured in video above.