Heineken and TV star Neil Patrick Harris promote the “fuller taste” of light beer

Heineken USA is rolling out the “Best Tasting Light” campaign for its light beer starring American actor, three-time Emmy award winner Neil Patrick Harris. The concept of the effort derives from the high recognition of Heineken Light as the “Best Low Calorie Lager” at the 2013 World Beer Championships, promoting the fuller taste of reformulated, but still low calorie beer.

The campaign by Wieden + Kennedy encompasses a series of TV and web commercials featuring Neil Patrick Harris, who seeks and finds clever and humorous ways to enjoy the taste of Heineken Light even on TV, despite the ban to show people drinking alcohol on camera. The videos will also be posted to the BestTastingLight.com promotional website.

The advertised beer ingredients have been reformulated with the addition of cascade hops for “a fuller flavor, crisper aftertaste and a clean finish” that still has just 99 calories. Latest researches reveal that 40% of 21-27 years olds enjoy a fuller flavored light beer more than other beer alternatives.

In addition to the new formula, Heineken Light has updated its bottle design — it got a taller, slimmer neck as well as curved embossment. In addition to the glass bottle, in July for summer season only the brand launched a sleek 8.5 ounce Slim Can.