Huggies’ Little Mover Rocks a Party

The well-known brand Huggies, which impressed the public with its trendy denim-style diapers last year, has released a new commercial from the ‘Huggies: Little Movers’ series. The new addition is about an adventurous journey of a little boy, who rocks a usual boring party. The hilarious advert, which reminds adults of how fun the life of a baby can be even within a limited apartment space, was developed by the creative team from JWT New York, directed by MJZ‘s Fredrik Bond, with visual effects by MassMarket.

The stop motion style is not new, but each time it’s employed, we get another piece of advertising art to marvel. This story begins as a father is changing his kid’s diapers on a sofa and the baby is slipping out of his arms to embark on a ‘trip’ around the room full of guests, who are talking and drinking and not knowing that all their ‘serious conversations’ will be interrupted by an active elfin in just a second. The poor father is doing everything possible to catch the little ‘fugitive’ and finally succeeds, but by the moment the story finishes, everyone in this space gets his or her own dose of extreme from the motionless hero. The characters got ‘frozen’ during, probably, the most unexpected moments of the party (at least, their face expressions and poses are reliable evidences of that).

Here’s how MassMarket describe the creative process, “Frederik [Bond, director] had a bunch of toy props that he set up at our office and walked us and the agency through his camera motion. We then looked at every section of the loft and devised a plan for what could be done in camera and what needed to rely on post. The challenge was of course the idea that you have a loft space, so once you start to move the camera you see everything in the room and those elements stay there throughout the piece. Then of course how do you move a moco rig through this space, the actors and anything rigged without limiting your camera motion and being constrained. Finally we then had to work with Frederik’s DP, Hoyt van Hoytema to figure out how he could properly light the entire space while keeping everything hidden as much as possible.”