Jude Law wins a luxury yacht with a tap dance in Johnnie Walker’s ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’ film

Johnnie Walker has starred Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini in its stylish short film for the brand’s Blue Label. The teaser of the spot has been released earlier this month, and now the brand’s fans can enjoy the full-length 5:30-minute version directed by RSA’s Jake Scott.

The film narrates a story of two gentlemen, one younger and one older. In the very beginning of the film, Mr. Law and Mr. Giannini are sailing on a luxury Italian yacht, and Jude says he wants to buy it. The owner says that it can’t be sold, but it can be won “with a dance.”

The younger protagonist goes to the rainy London to learn the art of dancing—he buys a perfect suit, a piano, rents a huge dancing hall, hires girl tap dancing cabaret, all to create a stunning performance for just one person, Mr. Giannini. Of course, Jude wins the yacht—and in the end of the film, the previous owner wants to retrieve the boat, not with the help of money, but with a story. It means that the new installment will follow soon.

The gentlemanship theme has been used in promotions by Jack Daniel’s and Heineken.