Neutrogena battles “Junkface” in guys with a new humorous effort

In a new ironical TV commercial, Neutrogena warns Canadian men that having a “junkface” (it’s when they wash their face and genitals with the same bar of soap) is an extremely bad thing. To address the “misuse”, the brand offers a special Men’s Face Wash that should be used specially for faces, not for any other body parts.

The new product is promoted with a tongue-and-cheek campaign by DDB Toronto that explains the phenomenon of junkfaces and posts the “sad facts” related to the junkface spread.

In fact, junkface is positioned as a disease. The dedicated website reveals highlights from the faux survey and studies dedicated to the “problem”, shares inforgraphics that shows the spread of the disease, invites to look through the FAQ section to discover if the junkface is hereditary, how to discover if you have it and many more.

Along with describing the problem, the site features the cure to it. It’s the six-step procedure that involves getting a coupon, buying the Face Wash gel and applying it onto the right parts of the body. The site also shares the stories of three “survivors” who managed to get out of the trouble.

The new pseudo-serious campaign is created with the same humorous “manhood” approach as can be seen in Luksusowa’s “Guide to Manliness”.