PayPal integrates into Samsung wearables, introducing on-wrist payments

PayPal is rolling out a new program that will allow customers to make payments on the go. The new feature lets them make wireless transactions using one of the trendiest wearable tech pieces, smartwatches. At the moment, PayPal is launching a pilot phase of the program at the campus café in San Jose, using Samsung Galaxy smart on-wrist tech pieces.

The technology employs the Gear Fit fitness band and Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch. PayPal has released a special application for these gadgets, allowing to integrate with products. As the customers steps into the area covered by a PayPal Beacon installed inside, they immediately get notified so that their photo pops up on the point-of-sale system in the campus café.

With such a level of personalization , it becomes easier for baristas to avoid misunderstandings with the names, which happens quite often with traditional orders. When there comes the time to complete the transaction, customers just tap their wearable to confirm the payment.

The wearable wallet was pre-viewed in late February. In the announcement, PayPal said that it wanted to enable Gear 2 and Gear Fit users to “conveniently check their PayPal balance, get payment notifications and save offers from local businesses—all from their wrist.” The option that allows to check-in to pay with PayPal will be available at thousands of stores in eight countries, says the company in the blogpost.

PayPal has also collaborated with Samsung on a feature that enables Galaxy S5 owners to pay for purchases with fingertips—view the video below to discover how it works.