Starbucks pays homage to the U.S. with a series of namesake city cards

Starbucks is expanding its collection of cards with designs that celebrate U.S. and Canadian cities. The coffee brand is paying tribute to major cities across the country with fine cards that feature artistic design and lettering, capturing the vibe of each megalopolis.

Most probably, the brand hopes that its new cards will in some way replace traditional magnets people buy when visiting a new city. The cities celebrated with the new Starbucks’s city collections are Washington DC, Seattle, San Diego, Hawaii, Seattle, Quebec, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and others.

The cards announced on the brand’s Pinterest wall and its official website can’t be purchased online (at least, they are not featured in the brand’s online store). The brand says that the cards are available in their namesake cities.

Starbucks may follow in the footsteps of ABSOLUT and turn this limited line of American cities’ cards into a wide world-travel range that would feature tributes to other countries’ major cities as well.

Photo: Starbucks invites its consumers to celebrate their travels with new city cards