Hennessy infused its legendary cognac bottle design with automobile style. The brand has invited celebrated automotive artist Chris Bangle, who has been developing BMW, Fiat and Opel car designs for the last 30 years, to reimagined Hennessy Privilege bottle, which hasn’t changed since 1954. The ex-BMW design boss, who published his book titled Peter Teufel, A Tale of Car Design in 3 Parts earlier this year, is a recognized expert in the one of the most challenging design fields, the automotive industry, and so he was the perfect choice to guide the iconic bottle modernization project.

Refined alcohol drinks gave been always serving as channels for creativity to flow along to bright minds, and the international cognac and champagne brands never miss an opportunity to remind this through their projects and campaigns. Shortly after Hennessey revealed its ‘What’s Your Wild Rabbit’ marketing initiative, which celebrates people who like to explore new horizons, the Rémy Martin cognac brand has launched a new cultural project Maison Rémy Martin FUTUR HERITAGE, which opens a door into the what tomorrow will bring us in the world of design.

Hennessy has launched a campaign revolving around wild rabbit—no, not as Easter mascot, but as a symbol of motivation which drives us to uncovering new treasures and reaching new heights. For the hilarious, artistic initiative dubbed ‘Never stop. Never settle,’ the cognac brand teamed up with the Droga5 New York agency—the new initiative, feature success icons of our times, is now rolling out online, outdoor, radio, in social media, in print with QR codes and on TV in the USA. The brand asks drinkers “What’s your wild rabbit?”, and encourages them to always move forth with the ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ slogan (which is actually very reminiscent of Johnnie Walker’s iconic ‘Never stop walking’ tagline).