The water brand evian, which has collaborated with a number of recognized designers for its artistic bottles line founded in 2008, now has teamed up with Diane von Furstenberg to create a new limited-edition bottle. The new product is joyful and optimistic, and its playful nature is reflected by the “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…” message, featured on the bottle. The new edition merges Diane’s personal optimistic philosophy and evian’s commitment to ultimate purity.

Despite all the pessimistic forecasts about the upcoming year, Lavazza still hopes that the Mayans predictions won’t actually come true and the world will enjoy the year of 2013. The coffee brand is now working on the calendar for the upcoming year, encouraging public to join in and contribute their own visuals for the piece named Opera Viva, the 2013 Social Calendar. The project has a creative direction of Michele Mariani and Marco Faccio and is signed by the Armando Testa Agency, which managed the previous brand’s art calendars.

Levi’s is presenting a series of limited-edition T-shirts, designed by Brazilian-born artist and activist Vik Muniz, renowned designers The Campana Brothers, visual artist Mark Bradford, and director Carlos Saldanha. The first of them arranges workshops at the Rio de Janeiro arts and technology school, Spectaculu, where he provides in insight into how visual arts and technology are blending together to deliver stunning results. The new Levi’s tees line titled “Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu” features impressive designs, which are a way more that a tees pattern—they work as real pieces of art and evoke strong emotions in those who can feel other people’s pain and joy, despair and creative mood.

BMW is taking its most impressive urban-themed endeavor BMW Guggenheim Lab to India, making a new destination on the map of the 6-year initiative. After making stops in New York and Berlin, the mobile lab arrives in Mumbai, where it will be open for a month and a half, from December 9, 2012 to January 20, 2013. For the Mumbai installment, the team behind the project collaborated with the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, to launch free “design projects, participatory studies, tours, talks, workshops, film screenings and cultural activities will address challenges and opportunities related to public space and the choices Mumbaikars make to balance individual and community needs,” says BMW’s press release.

This summer ABSOLUT was on a tour around the UK with its Blank art project offering people an unconventional digital experience. The hit of the project was a soundproofed booth. Anybody could enter it, choose their favorite track and dance using their bodies as digital brushes to create digital trails in real-time. The background was blank and served as a canvas for consumers’ artwork.