After testing its Refreshers energy beverages line across the USA, Starbucks Coffee Company finally takes the new product made from green coffee extract (sourced from unroasted 100% arabica beans) and real fruit juice to the international market. From now on, the Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime flavors of Handcrafted Refreshers beverages will be available to consumers in the US and Canada as well as other 15 countries across the globe. Other formats of the new re-energizing drink— lightly carbonated RTD and VIA instant beverages—have also been launched by Starbucks, but their availability depends on the market.

Red Bull, which is more about extreme sports and mind-blowing adventures, has impressed public with visual magic at Miami’s ULTRA Music Festival (March 23-25). The energy drinks brand created hilarious projection mapping ‘Red Bull Mind Meld’ on the facade of the legendary InterContinental hotel, which included a series of stories. The projection, developed and executed by Integrated Visions and SenovvA, covered approximately 20,000 square feet of the 366 ft tall hotel’s north side wall.

Starbucks is determined to compete with energy drinks market leaders such as Red Bull and burn. The company takes on the energy beverage giants with the global release of Starbucks Refreshers, all-natural revitalizing sparkling product based on real fruit juice and green coffee extract. The delicious, low calorie and energetic offering has been tested in select markets in the U.S. starting 2010 in a glass and later in a can, and now Starbucks is ready to introduce it on the national level, according to the press release.