McDonald’s depicts its “Big 6” menu offerings as simple picto elements

McDonald’s has adopted a minimalistic approach in its latest campaign by TBWA/Paris that promotes the fast food giant’s “Big 6” menu items. The «Picto» effort features a series of outdoor visuals and a TV-spot that depict the products—Big Mac, cheeseburger, fries, sundae, Chicken Nuggets and Filet-o-Fish—as simple graphic elements.

Pic: McDonald’s «Big 6» menue items,

The effort follows the “Unbranded” campaign, launched by McDonald’s last year—as part of 2013’s effort, the brand revealed a series of posters that featured products without any branding. This time, the images also don’t include any names, but still one can spot a miniature golden arch in the bottom of the poster. The TV spot features a team of guerilla artists who created several graffiti images on the ad spots in the streets.

Pic: McDonald’s «Big 6» menue items,

The campaign will be rolling out on a broader scale starting June 2. The agency behind the campaign states that the new solution can be described as “unique and modern, in the McDonald’s brand image,” which is “exclusive, simple and universal, just like the six iconic products.” The creative team believes that the new street ads will become “a fun and intriguing addition to our cities.”