McDonald’s promotes beetroot stains as badges of pride in Australia

Ahead of the upcoming Australia Day, McDonald’s has rolled out a campaign that puts beetroot—one of Aussie’s favorite ingredients—into the spotlight, and encourages nationals to wear a beetroot stain “with pride.”

Photo: The promo photo from the McDonald’s Australia Facebook page

The fast-food giant is promoting the limited-edition McOz burger with beetroot that has returned to the menu only for January, the month when Australia celebrates its birthday. With the new promotional campaign, McDonald’s encourages its fans to get back to the beetroots and be happy if the purple juice drips onto their clothes. “Eat it with passion, wear it with pride,” the tagline calls. “Nothing says proud Aussie like beetroot down your shirt,” says the dedicated page of the company’s site.

The brand has launched a 30-second spot (and it’s 15-second cut) that showcases people who proudly wear beetroot stains.

For the last year’s Australia Day campaign, McDonald’s rebranded a number of restaurants in the county, calling them “Macca’s.” This is how the chain’s name is usually pronounced by Aussies, so the rebranding move helped to pull the brand even closer to consumers.

On its YouTube page, McDonald’s Australia is also rolling out the “Our Food, Your Questions” campaign, telling consumers truths about its products and cooking secrets.