Oreo promotes its mini versions with two videos, inspired by Dr. Seuss and disco culture

Oreo is rolling out the next phase of its “Wonderfilled” campaign with two adorable spots, all in kids’ books storytelling style it has successfully adopted. The brand has launched two videos with two different voices of narration—the first sounds like a Dr. Seuss poetry, and the second one has a disco twist. Both of them are dedicated to the mini versions of the legendary cookie.

The first 1:50 spot tells the Mel’s Mini Mini Mart story of success. The tiny road venue that sells mini Oreo cookies turns a popular place after one day a family of four visits that wonderful store where everything is dedicated to the bite-sized Oreos. The tiny store looks like Willy Wonka’s place, with everything centered around “big Oreos that decided to shrink.”

The second “Oreo Mini: How Big You Wonder feat. Chromeo” spot is a 30-second animated video that has a nice and energetic disco vibe. In the spot developed in a tie-up with the electro-funk idols Chromeo, they double the verbs from the verses in the video. The spot motivates people to discover the world and be inquisitive all the time—it’s not how big you are, it’s how big you wonder, says the voiceover. “Wonder if you realized it’s not your size, it’s how you do your «stuff» that matters most?” Oreo asks.