L’Oréal’s Dermablend Professional corrective foundation brand goes from the 2011’s shocking video featuring Zombie Boy to new emotional spots in its new “Camo Confessions” campaign. The effort aims to raise awareness of the skin flaw problems and help people feel less tense talking about severe dermal imperfections they’re hiding under a thick layer of concealers.

Building on the success of its For Women in Science initiative, L’Oréal starts a similar program for girls in the USA. The cosmetics giant has launched the dedicated www.forgirlsinscience.org website, which is “designed to inspire and empower girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M).” The new online destination, created to support the emerging female scientists, works as an educative and entertaining site at the same time.

The cosmetics brand with a 77-year history, L’Oréal’s Lancôme, taps a legendary, now 80-year old, animated character Betty Boop for its advertising. The sweet female character with giant eyes, created as a caricature of singer Helen Kane, will make its appearance in the Hypnôse Star print advertising and store displays this season. The screen celebrity from the 30s, created by Max Fleischer, will get featured on the ads leaning up against a container of the standing mascara, next to the model Daria Werbowy.

Choosing the right hair colour shade may be a complicated task, and usually you need to ask a professional to make the right decision. L’Oréal Paris USA is helping ladies to choose the care product that fit them best in a new digital integration 2012 Hair Color Census campaign launched on Facebook and Pinterest. The cosmetics giant is encouraging brunettes, blondes and redheads to get engaged in the promotion by joining one of the ‘hair tribes’ to celebrate their haircolour.