Article by Sherwood MacVeigh, Director at Hyperquake and Christopher Corgiat, Senior Brand Strategist at Hyperquake

It’s only natural that we choose brands – political candidates included – based on personal aspirations; casting our vote for those we consider to be most like us, who believe what we believe or bring to life what we want for ourselves and our families. And like the political sign in the front yard, our selected brands proclaim our beliefs and values.

Our today’s interviewee is Hugh Robertson, Founding Partner and CEO of the London-based marketing agency RPM , Board Director at the MAA, successful businessmen, and simply a very bright and optimistic person. Hugh told Popsop about what a young person needed to start a business, how the role of ATL vs BTL marketing had changed over years, and what had kept him busy and inspired through his entire 19-year career in marketing.

The article is written by Renée Whitworth, Strategic Partner at Flood Creative, New York

Product design is pretty much pervasive now. What was once more of a “behind the scenes” competitive advantage is now an open and assertive part of the messaging.  We are bombarded with the faces and signatures of famous designers, artists and/or lifestyle gurus in every aisle of every mainstream big box retailer.

Have your say, share your thoughts on this article written by Kathy Oneto, Vice President, Brand Strategy at Anthem Worldwide, USA,  San Francisco

There are a number of macro forces at work in the world that are impacting the Movement and Progress we expect. Those are covered here. From those, we predict a number of Sightings to expect in the new year that can inspire brands and businesses to move and progress themselves forward, as well.