Despite the fact that 77% of CMOs in 2014 «had good understanding of big data,» according to the Forbes Insights study, a new independent research by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business shows that just 29% of all marketing efforts use the results of marketing analytics—at least in the U.S. The school has been conducting the survey sponsored by McKinsey and American Marketing Association twice a year since February 2012, with 288 top marketers from the U.S.

The Malibu rum is seizing the summer with a broad campaign that encourages consumers to live active life in the next three months. The new campaign, “Best Summer Ever Project” by agency AnalogFolk, will be enticing fans into an offbeat summer experience. The endeavor fill be filmed and posted to social media channels, in several phases, across the globe.

Stella Artois, which comes as an official beer sponsor of The Open Championship and Wimbledon, is rolling out a campaign that centers on perfection and sheer excellence. The effort dubbed “World’s Greatest Events,” is dedicated to people who know how to create various things with a high level of expertise. This effort is all about “people who work tirelessly in private to make excellence public.”

John Lewis is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a massive effort that involves a release of products as part of new creative collaborations, bringing back the old and beloved visuals, and the rollout of promotional elements that mix nostalgic twists with tributes to the present. “For 150 years, you’ve never stood still. Neither have we,” reads the tagline.