Mountain Dew has teamed up with acclaimed film director Robert Rodriguez for its Green Label Studios: Open Call project that invites aspiring filmmakers to win a production grant of $250,000. This money will be used by the winner to develop content for, the youth culture-themed online platform launched by Mountain Dew and Complex Media back in spring 2013.

Mountain Dew takes its relationship with the modern youth culture to the next level by launching a new online platform Green Label, which encompasses the spirit and philosophy of the three brand’s ongoing programs Green Label SoundGreen Label Art and Green Label Exclusives. The  lifestyle hub, developed and run in partnership with Complex Media, is designed to cover the latest news and emerging trends across sound, action, art, style, and places.

Mountain Dew is launching a new product, Kickstart, reported to «give a nice portion of energy in the morning». The new carbonated drink, which combines the proper amount of caffeine and five percent of real juice, is a rival of traditional energizers, a morning cup of coffee and a glass of juice. It comes in two varieties, Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch—each of only 80-calories per 16 oz. can,—for consumers to choose the flavor which fits their breakfast best. The new product targets male millennials, and this demographic is reflected in the promotion efforts. 

The Mountain Dew beverage brand has launched a global campaign to support the upcoming long-awaited ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie in nearly 20 countries around the globe, in Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to the launch of the international activation, which will include on-pack promotion, in-store displays as well as TV, cinema, radio and digital advertising, the brand kicked off a promotion in the US, which includes the platform to engage fans online.