Starbucks to feature an original crowd-sourced artwork on its reusable plastic cups

Starbucks will be unveiling a new artistic design on its limited-edition reusable plastic cups this autumn—it will be the artwork that won the Starbucks White Cup Contest, which was running across the U.S. and Canada. In spring, the coffee giant asked its multiple fans in America to develop their own original artwork to fill the blank canvas of its white coffee cups. The winning work was submitted by 20-year-old community college student Brita Lynn Thompson, living in Pittsburgh.

Photo: Brita Lynn Thompson’s art on a Starbucks cup

The competition, which ran from April 22 through May 12, generated nearly 4,000 entries in three weeks. The contestants were invited to feel free filling the white space around the brand’s green label—sky was the limit for their imagination. The submissions rage from colorful artworks, illustrations and portraits to monochrome patterns, all 100% original and expressing the identity of the artist. Some of the best entries—300+ works—were pinned to the dedicated Starbucks wall on Pinterest.

“This cup is totally amazing—so expressive and iconic, but also so handmade. It’s different from anything we’ve ever done,” commented Ryan Turner, Starbucks ‎director of global social media. “There were thousands of entries, and an unbelievable amount of variety and creativity. It’s humbling and inspiring and it made for a really difficult, but fun, choice.”

With this contest, Starbucks wanted to course a design that would help its reusable cups, launched in January of 2013 as an alternative to the company’s paper cups, become a truly desirable piece. The cups look like a regular paper ones, but still can be reused about 30 times, which helps reduce waste significantly.

Photo: Starbucks White Cup Contest’s submissions
Photo: Starbucks White Cup Contest’s submissions