Adidas has unveiled the 2013/14 Chelsea Home kit, which focuses on the dominant color of the legendary London Football Club’s visual identity—the blue. Just like Guinness used to ‘paint’ the town black for Arthur’s Day in a festive commercial back in 2012, in the new video adidas covers footballers with the blue paint—as part of the “It’s Blue, What Else Matters” advertising campaign. 

Greenpeace UK is calling the global audience to help save the world from a large amount of CO2 emissions. The environmental activist network has teamed up with London-based Man+Hatchet creative agency to launch a new video with a «change the world» idea behind it. The spot encourages people to sign a petition to European politicians asking them to vote in the coming weeks to reduce pollution from new cars.

The shocking ads trend seems to be on the rise now. Following Nivea with its latest “terrorist” prank in the airport and Heineken with its “worst job interview,” Carlsberg has put some people to a tough, stressful test, too. The beer brand asked a group of young men to call their best friends in the middle of the night, between 1:00 and 5:00 AM, asking them to get out of bed and bring 300 euros to pay a card debt. Of course, only faithful friends could do such a favor.

The confrontation between Coca-Cola and Pepsi fades now that the new iPhone 5 release has renewed vigour in the Samsung and Apple war. Samsung has posted a new video to its Facebook page, mocking at Apple fans who were waiting for the new device in line at the store. The brand is poking fun at its competitor al all the “new and mindblowing features” of Apple’s latest product, which will be released in retail on September 21, and highlights the possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy SIII smart-phone in a light and non-pressing way.

Honda USA has rolled out an initiative aimed to improve the company’s environmental impact and continue building its sustainable brand image. The automaker has released the first short film, ‘Paint by Numbers,’ showcasing Honda’s senior staff engineer, Shubho Bhattacharya, who develop technology to reduce energy consumption in the automobile body painting process.