The Body Shop advocates healthy norms of beauty with an emotional “Unnatural Beauty” spot

The Body Shop Malaysia follows in the footsteps of Dove in the real-beauty storytelling by launching a new heartbreaking video, starring a little girl of five or so. The “Unnatural Beauty” spot comes as a interview with a kid who has apparently become a victim of wrong beauty role models—the girl tells what being beautiful means to her, and this picture is far from healthy standards.

The adorable little kid says that she wants to have “longs legs, and a tiny waist” when she becomes older. She also says that she’ll not eat if she puts on weight, and she will also get an implant if her breasts appear to be not big enough. In short, the girl will do just everything to look like celebrities.

Of course, these are not her own words. In the end of the spot, the girl asks people to say «no» to distorted models of womanhood. Those who find the girl’s speech disturbing are encouraged to contribute their own influence to stop creating an unnatural image of beauty. “Stop telling me that if I’m fat, or dark, or short, I’m not good enough. Praise me for qualities that matter. Like honesty, courage, and compassion. They make me, so much more than beautiful,” says the young lady.

The video comes as a new element of the “To be More Than Beautiful” campaign that was launched earlier in spring to celebrate the International Women’s Day. The effort is designed to celebrate “women of substance” who have made a lot for their society and showed the beauty of soul and mind that actually boosts the visual attractiveness greatly.

“We looked around and found that young people today are so taken up by ‘celebrity-hood’ that they blindly follow their morally vacuous idols. So we want to offer an alternative source of inspiration to girls and young women of Malaysia. This campaign resonates with our core value of «Activate Self Esteem» which has always been at the heart of what we do,” says the site.