Toyota Brightening Britain with a Car That Runs on Electricity, Fuel and Positivity—Prius Plug-in

The Japanese car maker is promoting both positiveness and green credentials of its eco-friendly hybrid car Prius Plug-in in the new inspirational UK campaign «Toyota Positive», developed by Saatchi & Saatchi London.

It starts with a series of short films starring the two well-known UK comedians—MTV news presenter Joel Dommett and T4’s Rising Star of 2012 Eric Lampaert. In a first video the duo drives around London offering lifts in a Toyota Prius Plug-in car to random passengers just to make their day a little happier and more positive. Later this month more short films with Joel and Eric for the Toyota Positive movement will follow and further appear on the dedicated Toyota Positive website.

Not only does the campaign urge Londoners to buy a Prius, the advertising attempts to encourage people commit some good actions in their daily lives—people can even share their ideas on the Toyota Positive website.  The best submissions will win a Toyota Prius for the day to make their positive idea a reality.

“With the Toyota Positive campaign we want to show how a small number of people can create a large amount of positivity. To help people take part, we are offering them a car that runs on electricity, fuel and kindness. All we are asking anyone to do is to come up with a positive idea that brings a smile to people faces”, said Mark Norcutt and Laurence Quinn, Toyota Creative Directors at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Alongside the smiles, Prius brings more fresh air to the city, as it runs in electric mode for up to 15.5 miles, with zero emissions, before switching over to its reserve petrol tank. The Toyota Corporation, a pioneer of the hybrid technology, launched the Prius vehicle as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car back in 1997. Later in 2011 worldwide Toyota hybrid car sales topped 3m mark.

Watch the first mini film with Joel Dommett and Eric Lampaert below: