Wella Professionals Asked Women if «They Are Color Savvy»

Leading salon haircolor brand Wella Professionals surveyed women to determine just how much they really know when it comes to hair and haircolor. In the «Are You Color Savvy?» survey, Wella Professionals asked women aged 18—49 to share the where, how and why they color their hair.

Wella found that a whopping 72% of women felt more attractive after they dyed their hair; 69% felt more confident; 49% felt more sexy; and 42% felt more youthful. Taking into consideration the colorists’ expertise, training and knowledge as irreplaceable benefits, 64% of women visit the salon for haircolor results they believe cannot be duplicated at home. In fact, a landslide 97% of women trust and expect colorists to use the right products on their hair.

When asked about how their hair looked after coloring, more than 80% of women felt their hair was shinier and well-conditioned after getting it colored at a salon. Yet, 55% of women think ammonia in permanent color damages hair, while more than 75% of women admitted they don’t actually know the purpose of ammonia in haircolor.

To help get the conversation going, the Wella Professionals’ Color Discovery Tour kicked off June 21st in New York City and will travel across the country to eight different cities till August. Women have an opportunity to receive free hair consultations with top local salon professionals to help them discover their best haircolor and style, so they too can be a part of the 72% of women who feel more attractive.