Apple’s new video advert for iPhone 5S focuses on professionals of all trades

Apple is continuing its video series “You’re More Powerful Than You Think” with a new spot that illustrates how iOS apps help various professionals do their job better. The 1-minute “Dreams” spot is promoting the iPhone 5S by demonstrating how handy it might be in work.

The spot is set to a song called “When I Grow Up” by Jennifer O’Connor and comes as a visual journey across the lives of professionals of all trades—whether researchers, firemen, veterinarians, pilots, jewelers, artists, physicians or explorers — who use the smartphone to enhance their productivity.

For instance, the apps allow them all to take environmental readings, fit a gem into the jewelry piece, communicate with a patient who speaks a different language, pinpoint the location of an emergency and more.

The dedicated page features the eight apps that help people perform their duties faster and better—these apps range from SAM-1 to Veterinary Alive ECG. The “Dreams” spot follows the previous two installments, “Parenthood” and “Strength,” that share insights into how become a “powered” parent and to enhance workouts and using certain iOS apps and iPhone 5S.