BBDO and Proximity Singapore show the result of flood apocalypses

BBDO and Proximity Singapore has launched a shocking digital campaign “World Under Water” that raises awareness of global warming by showing major cities of the world under water. The effort was launched together with CarbonStory, a crowd-funding site for climate change projects, ahead of World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5.

The idea behind the “World Under Water” campaign has been inspired by the World Environment Day slogan “Raise your voice, not the sea levels.” It provides a sneak-peak into the potential future of bigger mainland cities across the globe that can be covered under water if the global warming continues. The effort is created to raise awareness of the problem and encourage more people to reduce their carbon footprint with simple every day acts of “eco” kindness.

The digital campaign emphasizes that not only coastal areas but other cities will be tragically affected by global warming. To illustrate the possible catastrophic impact, the team behind the project used Web GL and Google Street View. The technology allows users to see eight suggested locations, including Singapore, Paris, Dubai, London, Barcelona and more, covered with water. Users can also type in the names of other cities, any locations, neighborhoods, workplaces, famous landmarks and more to see their tragic ‘future’.

The site also encourages visitors to take action. They can calculate their emissions during the year, offset carbon footprint, and also support green actions, which are featured on the Carbon Story website.

“Over the years there has been a lot of talk about climate change but sadly not enough action. The World Under Water Campaign has been designed not just to increase awareness about climate change but also to give people a platform to take action to create a better future”, Andreas Birnik, co-founder of CarbonStory said.