Blue Marlin in global rebrand of Vaseline’s Intensive Rescue range

In 2007, Unilever’s skincare brand Vaseline aimed to reawaken consumers’ awareness of the brand — as the skincare experts with unmatched experience and understanding in caring for and celebrating all skin types.

Brand design consultancy Blue Marlin developed the design, having worked closely with the Vaseline Marketing team in the development of the strategic brand repositioning, which was at the heart of the global relaunch and expansion of Vaseline’s entire range. First a new, more aspirational identity was applied. Then a cohesive brand architecture and packaging for the range was developed. The result? Consumers navigate straight to the right product for them.





Martin Grimer, Executive Creative Director at Blue Marlin, says,

“Vaseline is passionate about skin, so we developed an approach which creates maximum impact in what was a crowded, yet relatively generic category. There is now a family feel for the entire range that incorporates ‘Healing’, ‘Maintain’ and ‘Skin enhancement’ products. No other brand can match Vaseline’s skincare experience and understanding; it is instantly recognisable right around the globe. To maximise on this, for the Intensive Rescue range of products we have created an icon based on the International Rescue symbol, a visual metaphor for the products’ benefits, which can be instantly understood by people everywhere.”

Vaseline has unrivalled experience and understanding of skincare for all skin types. The new positioning sees Vaseline as the leading everyday skincare expert taking a holistic view on skin health, maintenance and enhancement. The rebrand heralded a new phase of development that sees the range becoming aspirational, warmer and more authoritative.

The brand launched Vaseline Intensive Rescue, a range of bodycare products specifically designed to address the needs of very dry skin. The range goes beyond instant relief and provides long lasting moisturisers to promote the proper environment for skin to do something amazing – heal itself. The range includes Moisture Locking Lotion, Healing Hand Cream, Healing Foot Cream, Heal & Repair Balm and Moisture Locking Conditioning Body Butter.

Gustavo Lara, Global Brand Manager at Vaseline, says:

“For us, skin is amazing, and the new designs cement Vaseline’s credentials and authority as skincare experts. It also builds on the trust inherent in the Vaseline brand whilst looking so special it’ll be the one to display proudly. Blue Marlin’s approach ensures the Rescue Range is in keeping with the other Intensive Care variants whilst creating an identity distinct enough to become known as the best products for very dry skin. Blue Marlin’s understanding of different cultures has helped us to create a globally harmonised platform across the regions.”

Blue Marlin has created packs with a pure matte white finish to indicate purity, which contrasts well with the deep blue frosted cap. A metallic finish on the Vaseline logo demonstrates the premium quality, aids navigation and adds a tactile quality. The design expresses Intensive Rescue’s personality without losing any of Vaseline’s authority as a brand that is instantly recognised and trusted around the world.

Grimer continues, “The icon also reflects the intensive relief and care the product provides and links Intensive Rescue with Vaseline’s medical heritage. The symbol is unique and distinct to the brand, acting as a stamp of authority that can be used beyond packaging on point of sale, posters and digital media.”

Since the original rebrand in 2007, Blue Marlin has been working with Vaseline across all its ranges. The agency has radically simplified consumer navigation through clearer brand architecture. The packs now communicate product function and help forge a strong emotional affinity with consumers – mainly 30-55 old women, who want simple straightforward solutions to skincare for themselves that their family.

Vaseline is now one of Unilever’s fastest selling brands. By mid 2008, the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Range became the second biggest player in the dry skin market with an 8.2% value share, and by October 2008 the Vaseline for Men launch in the US was so successful it achieved the entire first year’s sales target within three months of launch. This is a brand not merely rescued, but revitalised.