Coca-Cola UK rolling out a new chapter in the “Share a Coke” story, adding 1000 new names

Coca-Cola is extending the range of names in its highly successful name-centric “Share a Coke” campaign in the UK. The new spin of the promotion will include +1000 names that will be featured on the packs of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero this summer.

The effort will go even more personal by including both people’s names and family roles like “Mum” and “Dad,” allowing people to share the bottles with parents. The spin-off is getting “more personal than ever” by featuring not only official names, but nicknames and alternatives like “Mate” and ‘Friends’ on 330ml cans.

The promotion will be heavily supported by TV and digital elements. Coke will soon air an ad featuring Bobby, the dog, that is hunting a can with his name on it (watch the spot above). Consumers will be invited to share a virtual bottle with friends or download original personalized wallpapers for their desktop computers or mobile phones. They will also be invited to the online personalisation site, where they will be able to find 500,000+ names later in summer.

To add more personal features to the design, consumers may attend pop-up events in major UK cities to get their surnames featured on the Coca-Cola or Coke Zero sharing bottles. To see where the cans with their names are at the moment, consumers will be able to use the Name Dropper digital app, which will aggregate social media content that uses the #shareacoke plus the name hashtag.

“We were overwhelmed by the reception our consumers gave Share a Coke last year,” commented Bobby Brittain, marketing strategy and activation director, Coca-Cola Great Britain. “Having successfully run the campaign in many markets worldwide, we’ve received a lot of feedback from those at the heart of the campaign, our consumers. A lot of the interaction we got focused on the search for their name so this year we’ve made the campaign bigger, to ensure that thousands more people can join the fun of the hunt to find their name and those they love.”