Dom Pérignon presents a digital guideline on tasting the rosé 2003 champagne

Dom Pérignon is explaining the audience what food  tastes best with its rosé champagne variety. The brand has recently hosted an exclusive tasting event for enthusiasts and now it’s bringing its unique atmosphere online, letting consumers recreate the menu of the event. The range of best-fitting foods that allows to understand the rosé 2003 was developed by 10 recognized chefs.

To help discover all the paradoxes of the Dom Pérignon rosé, a vintage from 2003, the chefs developed the “Paradox” menu that included a range of 19 exquisite dishes that included salmon, rabbit and hazelnut butter salad, oyster with galangal horchata, duck breast onion carbonara in fig-cacao sauce and red fruit, beet infusion and pink pepper—to name a few.

The dedicated site reveals the secrets behind the dish, explains why it is a nice match with the wine, and also lets discover more about the chefs and how to serve the dishes. The page also reveals a bunch of food-related hand-drawn pics that create a truly Provence atmosphere.

The brand has also released a black-and-white 5-minute video “Rosé Paradox—Creative Combustion Film,” which reveals a collection of dishes that highlight all the facets and paradoxes of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003. In the film, the chefs tell about the menu and their inspiration.