Double triviality: Ashton Kutcher for Wrigley’s Extra

It seems like 2015 doesn’t bring any fresh ideas to some marketing and advertising specialists. This January we see the same trivial ad scenarios promoting trivial products like chewing gum. A handsome male celebrity, plus a pinch of insincere passion and bland humor—and a spot for Wrigley’s Extra is ready. What changes here is the face: a younger and sexier Ashton Kutcher instead of tired Antonio Banderas.

The new year-long marketing campaign for Wrigley’s Extra worth £15m is launching this month on TV in the UK as well as in all other international markets except for North America. As in all previous years, it promotes its ‘Eat Drink Chew’ message, highlighting the oral care benefits of sugarfree gum, and features a relentless Lenovo laptop fan Ashton Kutcher.

The genius spot featuring Ashton breaking up with a delicious piece of Italian Pizza was directed by Matt Piedmon and shot in Los Angeles.