Estee Lauder explores nightly beauty rituals with the help of the global community

Estee Lauder is encouraging women to share their nightly beauty moments via the recently launched The Beauty of Night platform. Started about a month ago to promote the brand’s product, Advanced Night Repair serum, the site works as an international destination that accumulates female beauty wisdom and allows ladies to share their expertise in real life with those who may need it.

Pic.: A screenshot from the site,

The online platform, developed by digital and experiential agency Hush, is calling women to share their Beauty of Night moments in their native languages. In-build Google Translate button allows to render the message in other languages. The inspiration can be shared as an image or a short text, creating a vibrant and trustworthy database. The brand suggests that the user contributions may revolve around such moments as “A night out with friends. Twinkling city lights. A kiss at midnight,” or, “the quiet, personal time you take for your nightly beauty ritual.”

Users can sign in via Facebook to share their expertise and inspiration. The insights into the personal beauty are “pinned” to a virtual map depending on the location where they’ve been sent from. Moreover, the bright points of the locations are connected with light strings, which highlights the connections between the participants and adds to the feeling of unity. Currently, there are about 70 messages shared by the global female community—they can be searched by My Shares, Most Popular, and Most Recent.

 “The most insightful thing…was that every consumer shared in a nightly ritual with this product, and therefore with the Estee Lauder brand. With this huge insight, we sought to construct a campaign that did something incredibly simple: connect these women and create a global community,” commented Hush Creative Partner David Schwarz. “Once inside ‘The Beauty of Night’ exchange, they would be able to focus on a simple expression of their relationship to the night and their relationship to Estee Lauder as the engine of their nighttime ritual.”

The new effort taps into two popular themes that are used to drive brand engagement —building promotion on consumer insights only (100 McDonald’s MomentsGE’s Reimagining Home) and rituals, which enhance product consumption.