Fergie Performs a Trick with a Cherry Stem in the New Dr Pepper Commercial

Fergie becomes extremely seductive in a new Dr Pepper commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl XLV, slated for February 6. The soft drink brand, which invited spooky KISS to star in the last year’s advertising, now is focusing on sexual attraction. The music diva, who now got wavy dark brown locks and is wearing a gorgeous ‘vampire’ dress, promotes the famous Cherry Dr. Pepper soda and surprises her fans with a very complicated trick—in just a few seconds she knots a cherry stem in her mouth.

The video features the celebrity (in this advert she’s more like Dita Von Teese) coming up to the table with a 12 oz. can of soda, pops it open and just pours the drink into her mouth holding her head thrown back (the whole process of drinking takes her just five seconds or so). Then Fergie takes a pause and… pulls a cherry tied into a knot out of her mouth. The trick isn’t new— the stunning ‘cherry stalk’ stunt was performed twenty years ago by actress Sherilyn Fenn on the famous TV show ‘Twin Peaks.’ Good things are never forgotten.

One of Fergie’s own songs, ‘Here I Come,’ was chosen to become the soundtrack of the sexy advertising, created in somewhat gothic tones. The collaboration with Dr Pepper comes as a nice addition to the celebrity’s portfolio of fruitful partnerships with global brands. Fergie also teamed up with Avon (international songwriting competition Avon Voices, promotion of the ‘Outspoken’ fragrance) and Bacardi (the alcohol brand became one of the sponsors of The Black Eyed Pees ‘The E.N.D. World Tour 2010’).