M-Ball — a New Addictive Game for M&M’s

There is a new game full of international competition and it is M-Ball. Mars, Inc., the candy giant, has launched M-Ball as part of a global campaign for M&M’s.

The French M-ball site allows viewers to compete against 26 other countries in the very unique internet game. The 360 campaign spans the 27 participating countries on M-Ball and includes TV commercials, radio spots, and significant point-of-purchase signage in grocery markets. Social networking media is also utilized as a Facebook page is established for the internet game.

Within the game players are pitted against each other in a competition of juggling. Each of them has to kick their egg-shaped M&M ball in the air as many times as possible not letting it touch the ground. Keep your ball in the air longer than your opponents and you win.

The innovatively interactive competition, developed by BBDO of Paris, pits countries against each other during a time that the FIFA World Cup 2010 is doing the same thing in South Africa. The web game was named Website of the Day by www.thefwa.com (Favourite Website Awards, an industry recognised internet award program and inspirational portal) on June 8.

The goal of the game is to become World Champion of The Match bringing honor to their country. Join in the addictive fun today and challenge the world.