Microsoft Developing HomeOS to Automate Homes

Microsoft is working hard on developing the automotive system for homes. The tech giant’s devision Microsoft Research has recently unveiled an online PDF-paper that shows the possibilities of the future HomeOS.

Photo: Microsoft’s Home OS will make ‘smart’ houses more affordable, from

According to Microsoft, the HomeOS will utilize consoles, routers, PCs, printers, smartphones, air conditioners and light as peripherals connected to a gateway computer. It’s unknown whether the operating systems is built on Windows OS or not but Microsoft Research has been testing the HomeOS in 12 homes over the past several months and dozens of apps have already been developed for the system.

The apps allow monitoring energy being used, remote control of light face-recognition and many other. Its list will grow constantly and new apps will be available for download at a dedicated platform  called ‘HomeStore’.

“Its (Home OS) design is based on management primitives that map to how users want to manage their homes, protocol-independent services that provide simple APIs to applications and a kernel that is agnostic of the functionality and protocols of specific devices. Experience with real users and developers, in addition to controlled experiments, help validate the usefulness of the abstraction and our design,” says Microsoft’s research paper.

Microsoft has been working on the project since 2010, but no commercial plans are unveiled in the paper. However, the Microsoft’s serious approach to the task is obvious and easy and affordable home-automation seem to be a very close future.

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